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Video Marketing Case Studies

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PaPPo's Pizzerias Face Down a
Pandemic and Focus on Growth.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Chris "Pappo" Galloway, CEO of PaPPo's Pizzerias, faced a difficult choice.  Restaurants were closing all over, but while PaPPo's had to close its dining rooms, Chris bet on curbside carryout and delivery, and experienced a huge boom in that segment of his business.  He was able to add staff and begin to open new stores.  Through it all, PaPPo's didn't cut back on advertising. In fact, they marketed aggressively with commercials like this that got right to the point.  They ended up a stronger company than before the pandemic. Brad Crum Creative has been proud to partner with PaPPo's as its video marketing source throughout the pandemic and beyond.  We salute Chris for his foresight and courage.

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