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With the advent of nearly universal broadband delivery, marketing on the web--whether it's on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, or on your own site--now means marketing with video.

Video is just too powerful a tool to ignore when you are presenting your company to the world.  Is it enough to use the commercials that were produced for broadcast television? Probably not, because they are really two completely different forms of media.  On the web your targeting  is much narrower--and your audience more  likely to comparison shop.


Brad Crum Creative is a marketing company that uses video to interact with people in ways that will involve and engage them .  Our job is to understand their needs and expectations to determine how your product can meet them.

Brad Crum has spent his entire career studying and interacting with  audiences of all types, first in news promotion,  then in  entertainment , and now working with local and regional businesses.  He has won over 50 industry awards for  his marketing and production expertise.

At Brad Crum Creative, we approach each client's business with  the same sense of curiosity and intensity, looking for the levers that will motivate their customer, and create success. 

We don't just produce videos, we help build businesses.  We look forward to  building yours.


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