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Video + Marketing

Video producers tend to prattle on about how video on your website will increase engagement and conversions by such and such a per cent, and that is mostly true.  It just takes common sense to figure out that video is more exciting and involving than still images or printed text.


It’s no secret that good videos tell stories. Our minds instinctively gravitate toward stories, because they help us make sense of the world. Deciding which story to tell--that’s where marketing comes into play.  


I'm Brad Crum, and I've been targeting well-crafted messages to carefully chosen audiences

for more than thirty years. I came up through the world of entertainment and news advertising and promotion, for CBS, NBC, Discovery, FOX and other top companies.


I've won over 60 awards for advertising excellence: including  Promax, NYFT, multiple Emmys, and a Clio.

Ten years ago, I turned my focus to promoting local and regional businesses and non-profits through video, 

for companies like:


1 Million Cups                                                          Glovate Electric Bicycles

American Clubs Association                                   JJ's Cafe

A to D Events                                                           Jacque Sample for State Rep.

Bluetail Medical Group                                            McAdams Ltd.

Broadway Diner                                                        Pearl Motor Company

The Candy Factory                                                   Reset Health and Fitness

Clark Tire Company                                                 SIMIX Ceramic Coatings

COMO IMB Schools                                                Shiloh Bar and Grill

Dave Griggs Enterprises                                         State Fair Community College 

Family Pawn                                                             Tori Messenger, Realtor

The Farm Journal                                                     Witt Print Shop



The conversation is key. Who do you want to engage? What actions do you expect them to take?  What’s in it for them?  Only when you’ve successfully answered those questions can you expect to produce an effective commercial video. As you view this site,keep in mind that everything here is the result of rigorous thought. Hopefully it’s art, but it’s art with a very specific goal: the success of your business.


Let's talk soon about how we can create a success together.  

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